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Year 2001

  1. The Exchange Agreement between the Taipei Public Library and the Vancouver Public Library, Canada was signed.
    (1) Sent 408 volumes of children's books to the Vancouver Public Library in June.
    (2) The Vancouver Public Library sent four volumes of English books to the Library in August.
    (3) The Library received 25 volumes of fiction from the Vancouver Public Library in November.
    (4) The Library received 33 volumes of adult fiction from the Vancouver Public Library.

  2. The Library forwarded 222 volumes of book to the Chinese Cultural Association of Luxemburg in February.

  3. Received visitors from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, 33 persons in total, on four occasions.

  4. Invited Team Oregon from the State of Oregon, U.S.A. as honor advisors for the design of eco-friendly 'green buildings' at our Shipai and Beitou Branches.

  5. Planned "The Small World " establishment with the J&V 2000 Foundation.