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Year 2013

1.Continuously ongoing book exchanges with public libraries in the international community
(1)The Library donated 30 volumes of children's literature to the Boston Public Library, U.S.A.
(2)The Library donated 30 volumes spanning novels for adults, and children's picture books published in Taiwan to Seattle Public Library, U.S.A.; and received 25 volumes of books in English in return.
(3)Exchanged books with the San Francisco Public Library, U.S.A. Donated 30 volumes of books to them.
(4)The Library donated 50 volumes of books to the Gyeonggi Provincial Central Library in South Korea, and received 105 volumes of books in return.
(5)Exchanged books with the Yokohama City Central Library, Japan. Donated 41 volumes of books.
(6)Exchanged books with the Gold Coast City Council, Australia. Donated 30 volumes of children's picture books and junior fiction suitable for ages up to 12.
(7)Exchanged books with the Shanghai Library, China. Donated 69 volumes of books and received 72 volumes of books in Chinese in return.
(8)Donated 8 volumes of books to the Biblioteca Central de Macau.
(9)Exchanged books with the Vancouver Public Library, Canada. Donated 30 volumes of local Taiwanese  novels for adults.
(10)Exchanged books with the Toronto Public Library, Canada. Donated 30 volumes of Chinese books to them.
(11)Exchanged books with La Bibliotheque municipale de Lyon (the Lyon Municipal Library), France. Donated 30 volumes of children's literature, and received 31 volumes of books in French in return.
(12)Exchanged books with the Centre national du livre pour enfants (the National Center of Books for Children), France. Donated 30 books of children's literature.
(13)Exchanged books with the North Lanarkshire Council, Scotland. Donated 31 volumes of books of life and health related subjects.
(14)Exchanged books with the Incheon Metropolitan Bukgu Library, Korea. Donated 40 volumes of books, and received 85 volumes of books in return.
(15)Exchanged books with the Miami-Dade Public Library System, U.S.A. Donated 30 volumes of books.
(16)Exchanged books with the Auckland Public Library, New Zealand. Donated 25 volumes of books in adult fiction to them.

2.International visits of librarians
(1)Mr. Horng Shih-chang, Director of the Library, attended the 79th IFLA General Conference and Assembly held in Singapore from August 11 to 19.
(2)A mutual exchange visit between librarians between the Shanghai Library and the Taipei Public Library was conducted. Ms. Tao He-mei visited the Library for a period of service stay. In return, Ms. Liao Mei-hung, Chief of the Acquisition & Cataloging Section, also stayed for a period of time at the Shanghai Library.

3.A continuously ongoing membership international library and information organizations
The Taipei Public Library has been long-standing member of both the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).