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Vol.30 No.2 (Chinese)


季刊第三十卷二期 Quarterly Vol. 30, No.2
出刊日期:中華民國101年12月15日 Dec. 15, 2012

主題:公共圖書館新移民服務Public Library Services for the New Immigrants

封面說明 Explanation of Cover
Since the trend of internationalization and the change of population structure, how to provide diversity service to apply variety people’s need become to the main development of public libraries. This issue discusses the status of Taiwan public library Services for the New Immigrants and the prospection.


新移民相關學位論文之結論建議對公共圖書館新移民服務的啟發 The Inspirations of Conclusions and Suggestions of Immigrant-related Theses for Public Library Services for Immigrants. 陳仲彥 Chung-Yen Chen

圖書館提供新移民服務的規劃與展望 — 以國立中央圖書館臺灣分館為例The Perspective and Planning Service for Immigrants from a Library — A Case Study from the National Taiwan Library 蔡燕青 Yen-Ching Tsai

新移民使用公共圖書館之行為探析Analysis of New Immigrants' Behavior of Using Public Libraries 吳奕祥 Yi-Shiang Wu


閱讀扎根 夢想成真:從閱讀植根成果探討公共圖書館閱讀推廣策略A Study from Reading Rooting Activities to Explore the Reading Promotion Strategies in Public Library 黃雯玲、陳麗君 Wen-Ling Huang, Li-Chun Chen