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Vol.32 No.3 (Chinese)

Vol.32 No.3 (Chinese)
季刊第三十二卷三期 Quarterly Vol. 32, No.3
出刊日期:中華民國104年3月15日 Mar. 15, 2015

主題:公共圖書館人力資源之探討Human Resource Management in Public Libraries

封面說明 Explanation of Cover
In order to satisfy readers' requirement of library information, the public libraries provide multiple services to their users, they also faced a severe problem of lacking human resources. Thus, how to keep providing high quality services in the limited human resources is an important issue for contemporary public libraries.


淺談公共圖書館志工人力資源管理Human Resource Management for Volunteers in Public Libraries
Yu-Ping Peng, Bo-Han Chuang

淺談公共圖書館青少年暑期志工規劃與執行Discussion about Teenage Volunteers Summer Programs in Public Libraries
Hong-Shiu Liang, Tsai-Fung Wu

公共圖書館發展過程中圖書館志願服務人員承擔的功能與角色-以臺北市立圖書館為例Functions and Roles Assumed by Library Service Volunteer Personal During the Development Process of Public Libraries:A Case Study of Taipei Public Library
Yi-Jun Lai