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Parental Guidance Seminars in Infant Reading

I. Purpose
The seminar is launched with the aim to promote parental understanding of the importance of reading in the infant child, to provide relevant information and consultation services to parents in regard to infant reading, to introduce fine reading materials to infants and toddlers at appropriate age levels, and in turn to create and enchant the wonderful atmosphere of parents and children reading together.

II. Contents
Participants may put forward questions concerning the various methods in which parents and children could share the reading experience together, or other relevant information in regard to the activity of reading. Our Library provides consultation services with the help from child reading experts, who are qualified to recommend suitable reading materials in our Library collections to children.

III. Subject
The seminar is primarily for parents with newborn babies aged between six to eighteen months. Please note that there is an upper limit of six people for each session.

IV. Time Schedule
Seminars are held on the last Thursday of each month, from 14:00 to 16:00.

V. Location
Sessions are held at The Small World (our foreign language library for children at the Main Library), and at the Minsheng Branch Library.

VI. How to Join
Registration can be made online, or by telephone. Length of session is fifteen minutes for every participant, one person at a time. Registration ends when all sessions of the day are fully reserved.

VII. Note

  • A. After having successfully completed the registration procedures, please arrive at the venue on time.
  • B. The scope of the seminar does not cover topics outside that of reading in infants and children
  • C. For further details, please contact:
The Small World: (02) 2755-2823, extension 2140
Minsheng Branch: (02) 2713-8083