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Library Volunteers Wanted: Taipei Needs You!

Dear Friends,

In the midst of all the prosperity and advances of our society, have you ever felt that still there is indeed an urge for uplifting our quality of living, especially in the inner realm? It is worthwhile to mention that the library is genuinely an important public asset in the creation of a fulfilling inner life and an atmosphere for reading, by filling the city with the scent of books. At the Taipei Public Library, we are contributing the best of our efforts to make the Library a part of the core elements of daily life for our citizens in Taipei. Not only could it be a treasure garden filled with the gems of knowledge, it could also be a seedbed for the genesis and nurture of culture, or even a multifaceted information center for the realization and transcendence of the self. Amid the process of our endeavors, we are in dire need of more people who care and wish to participate. We cordially welcome our passionate partners to join us in this wonderful venture. We hope you could put your altruistic will to action by cooperating with us in the cultivation of our garden of knowledge, by spreading the seeds of love for books and reading.

There exist different types of volunteer work at our Library. Admission to become a Regular Volunteer is open at all times, whereas the application for becoming a Storytelling Volunteer or an English-speaking Volunteer is available once every year.

If any question should arise, please contact us by telephone at (02) 2709-1605, or fax your application forms to (02) 2703-3545.