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Introduction to the Types of Volunteers

  • Regular Volunteers
    Work contents include assistance in materials circulation, reference services, arrangement of materials, support of activities, maintenance of library facilities, and administrative services for volunteers.
  • Storytelling Volunteers
    Assistance in storytelling activities in Chinese.
  • English-speaking Volunteers
    Assistance in storytelling activities in English, conducting Reading Club and reading guidance sessions.
  • Volunteers for the Visually Impaired
    Providing support for patrons with visual disabilities.
  • Volunteers for the Promotion of Reading
    Conducting Reading Club and reading guidance sessions, and assistance in guided library tours.
  • Mobile Consultant Volunteers
    Providing immediate consultation services to patrons by being mobile in the library, not fixed in one single location.
  • Volunteers for Multicultural Information
    Providing information services for resident aliens from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar and Korea, among other countries. Targeting at the respective languages, work content includes data filing of book materials, translation of documents, and assistance in general administration.