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Year 2003


  1. The Taipei Public Library continued its exchange activities with other public libraries in the international community:
    (1) Exchanged 31 volumes of books (30 titles) with the Vancouver Public Library, Canada. As the result of our efforts to seek book donations from overseas, a total of 581 volumes were received from both Western and Chinese donors, which substantially expanded our Western-language collection.
    (2) The Taipei Public Library continued to exchange books with the North Lanarkshire Libraries, Britain: 30 volumes (30 titles).
    (3) Continued to exchange books with Boston Public Library: 39 volumes (30 titles).
    (4) Continued to keep in contact with the overseas public libraries that participated in the 2002 International Conference held to mark our 50th Anniversary, and placed them on our mailing list for our publications.
  2. Director Shu-hsien Tseng and five other Branch directors visited the Shanghai Library, Huangpu Library, Pudong New Area Library of Shanghai, Shanghai Children's Library and Suzhou Library, and reached agreements of establishing a cooperative and exchange relationship.
    (1) Planned the Inter-Library Loan Service with the Shanghai Library.
    (2) Established the "Highlights of Shanghai" and the "Highlights of Taipei" to promote mutual understanding between the two cities.
    (3) Planned several activities to promote exchanges of books from and to our library. This year we donated 346 volumes of children's books and 27 of our publications (15 titles) to the Shanghai Library.
    (4) Exchanged visits of staff with the Shanghai library, each for one month.
    (5) Planned the Children's Encyclopedia Database to provide information services to cooperative libraries on request.
  3. The Tianmu Branch established a cooperative relationship with The Taipei Office of the Japanese Interchange Association (JIA). In consideration of the large Japanese community in the Tianmu area, they made a commitment to donate ¥300,000 annually to establish the children's collection in Japanese. This year, a gift of 237 volumes was received, in a ceremony held on April 2.
  4. Attended the Workshop held by the Biblioteca Central de Macau.
    Shu-chuan Lin, Director of the Circulation and Preservation Section, and Yen-chin Chang, Director of the Wenshan Branch, attended the workshop on community library planning activities held by the Biblioteca Central de Macau. They reported on our planning activities for communities and exchanged our experiences and ideas with other participants.