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Year 2004


  1. The Taipei Public Library continued its exchange activities with other public libraries in the international community:
    (1) Exchanged 51 volumes of books (51 titles) with the Shanghai Library. Exchange visits between Mei-min Yuan, Director of the Tianmu Branch and Hong-ya Jin, Assistant Director of the Shanghai Library Reader Services Center, were held to share experiences in library management services.
    (2) Forwarded 19 kinds of our publications to the Biblioteca Central de Macau. In return, they donated 38 volumes of books to our Library.
    (3) Exchanged books with the Vancouver Public Library, Canada: 30 volumes.
    (4) Exchanged books with the North Lanarkshire Libraries, Britain: 28 volumes.
    (5) Exchanged books with the Boston Public Library: 30 volumes.
  2. Visited Public libraries in Singapore.
    In August, Director Shu-hsien Tseng and twelve other members from our Library visited the National Library Board, the Library Supply Centre and the Marine Parade Community Library in Singapore. Their experiences offer valuable pointers for future developments of the Taipei Public Library.
  3. Attended the 56th NAFSA Annual Conference.
    The 56th NAFSA Annual Conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. The Taipei Public Library provided information to visitors about our Study-Abroad Information Service offered to students wishing to continue their education in academic institutions overseas. We also took the opportunity to cordially approach other exhibitors with requests, in order to obtain relevant materials about themselves to enhance the services at our Library.