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Year 2005


  1. New agreements of book exchanges with libraries in the international community have been made. The international exchange of books between libraries provides readers on both sides an opportunity for diverse cultural understanding, in addition to further developing the collection of books in their respective archives, and to strengthen cultural exchanges between the international cities.
    (1) Exchanged 29 volumes of books (29 titles) with the Seattle Public Library, U.S.A.
    (2) Exchanged books with the Oakland Public Library, California, U.S.A.
    (3) Exchanged books with the Yokohama City Central Libraries, Japan.
  2. Continuously ongoing book exchanges with public libraries in the international community:
    (1) Exchanged 71 volumes of books (69 titles) with the Shanghai Library.
    (2) Exchanged and donated our publications to the Biblioteca Central de Macau (The Central Library of Macau). We donated 25 titles of our publications to the Biblioteca Central de Macau, and received 35 volumes of books from them.
    (3) Exchanged 29 volumes of books (29 titles) with the Vancouver Public Library, Canada.
    (4) Exchanged 31 volumes of books (31 titles) with the North Lanarkshire Libraries, Scotland, United Kingdom.
    (5) Exchanged 30 volumes of books (30 titles) with the Boston Public Library, U.S.A.
  3. Visits to libraries in the international community:
    The Taipei Public Library staff team, consisting of eleven members led by Director Shu-hsien Tseng, crossed the Pacific and visited the Seattle Public Library, the University of Washington Libraries and the King County Library System, one of the largest circulating libraries in the United States. Visiting activities are aimed at a further understanding of current progress and developments in library affairs in other countries, and serve as a mirror for our own future developments.
  4. Exchange visits of library staffs across the Taiwan Strait:
    Director Zhe Chen from the Newspaper Clipping Service at the Shanghai Library Document Supply Center arrived at the Taipei Public Library for a period of service stay. In turn, Mr. Yun-feng Fan, Manager of Tianmu Branch, has also stayed for a length of time at the Shanghai Library.
  5. Attendance in international meetings and conferences:
    The Taipei Public Library attended the 57th NAFSA Annual Conference held in Seattle, Washington, during which we also had the opportunity to be present at the International Education Expo as part of the annual event. In the Expo, the TPL attended many seminars as to learn about the current developments in educational affairs worldwide and the various measures in assisting and counseling foreign students in our home country. In addition, we also took the opportunity to provide information to visitors about our Study-Abroad Information Service offered to students wishing to continue their education in academic institutions overseas. We also visited the Seattle Public Library and the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library as to understand the ways in which quality services are carried out in the two libraries, namely in reader services, library building architecture, and the creation of a suitable reading atmosphere for readers.
  6. Joining international library and information organizations:
    (1) The Taipei Public Library officially joins the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) membership. This enables our Library to transfer information and share the resources with other member libraries (more than 53,500 libraries in 96 countries) through cooperatively producing and maintaining WorldCat-the OCLC Online Union Catalog, the largest online public access catalog (OPAC) in the world. This substantially benefits the citizens of Taipei with multi-national information access.
    (2) On March 22, the Taipei Public Library officially joins the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) among over 1,700 members in 155 countries around the world. As a cooperative relationship is built through the membership in an international library organization, yet more reading resources may be provided to our readers in the city of Taipei.