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Stay active in old age, in living, in learning Play with art, with craft, with life


I. Main Feature

Creative arts and crafts

II. Objectives

On the theme of “Playing with beauty and creating art,” activities related to aesthetic education, art appreciation and creative arts and crafts are organized for senior citizens. It is hoped that through the pursuit of personal aesthetic expressions, each individual can achieve his or her own sense of style so that learning becomes a means to enjoy living, enjoy life. The practice of engaging with life through art and beauty can pervade, and a creative lifestyle can be collectively realized by the greater community.

III. Opening Hours

9:00am–12:00pm & 2:00pm–5:00pm, Monday to Friday
Closed on national holidays and every first Thursday of the month (library closure)

IV. Membership Application Requirements (Free of Charge)

  1. Taipei City resident aged 55 or above.
  2. Two one-inch ID photos and R.O.C. citizen identity card.
  3. Apply in person during opening hours at the 6th-floor Senior Active Learning and Resource Center or the 5th-floor library service desk.

V. Volunteers Needed

To assist with the Center’s operation in administrative tasks and course activities. Please call 02-27600408.

Songshan District Ministry of Education Senior Active Learning and Resource Center (Sanmin Branch)

Address: 6th Fl., No. 163-1, Sec. 5, Minsheng East Road, Taipei City
Tel: 02-27600408
Fax: 02-27564843