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Online Reading Clubs

  • About our Reading Clubs
    Currently, there are approximately fifty reading clubs at the Taipei Public Library, including the main library, our branch libraries across the Taipei metropolis and at community reading rooms. There are different types of reading clubs,  for different age groups(for example, Children's Reading Club, Reading Club for the Youth, Reading Club for Adults, Reading Club for Seniors), language learners(Japanese Reading Club, English Reading Club), and subjects (History and Literature Reading Club, Reading Club for Comic Artists) as well as our Book of the Month Reading Club. Materials for the Book of the Month Reading Club are selected every six months, and distributed to all Branch Libraries for exhibition and circulation. Other types of reading clubs are autonomously planned by their respective members or representatives.  The scope of discussion topics spans texts, movies, illustrations and music.

  • Types of Reading Clubs
    ‧Reading Clubs for Adults 
    ‧Children's Reading Clubs
    ‧Family Reading Clubs
    ‧English Reading Clubs
    ‧Japanese Reading Clubs  
    ‧Other types of reading clubs

  • Information on the Reading Club Resource Base
    • Regulations on Checkout of Materials at the Reading Club Resource Base
      • Purpose
        The Reading Club Resource Base is established with the aim of perfecting the operation and development of our Reading Club, enhancing the selection and promotion of quality reading materials and resources at our Library, and building a mechanism of resource sharing in reading groups among the public.
      • Paths of Materials Collection
        A. The Reading Club Recommended Booklist
        B. Materials gathered from the various Online Reading Club booklists at the Library
        C. Booklists recommended by renowned authors and celebrities from printed press
        D. The Book of the Month
      • Building the Resource Base
        A. Our Extension Section compiles booklists and prepares ten lists for each category.  The selection of books is subject to allowance of the budget. The scheme is then transferred to our Extension Activity Committee for further examination, and ready for procurement upon approval.
        B. Ten sets of the Book of the Month are procured and placed into the Resource Base upon approval.
        C. As the materials are procured by our Acquisition and Cataloging Section according to the relevant stipulations, they are subsequently transferred to the Extension Section for further accession procedures.
        D. The Extension Section then places the Resource Base booklists onto the library intranet network that manages all Reading Club materials. These booklists are then downloaded from the intranet website by all divisions of the Taipei Public Library for scheduling of yearly Reading Club schemes, or for future circulation.
      • Procedures for Checkout of the Resource Base Materials
        A. The checkout of Reading Club Resource Base materials is available for all registered Reading Club members at the Taipei Public Library, and also for members of the respective reading clubs at the senior high schools in municipal Taipei.
        B. In order to view the materials, members of the Branch Library Reading Clubs must fill out the Application Form for Checkout of Reading Club Resource Base Materials and submit it to our librarians. Our librarians will obtain the material from the Extension Section for our patrons. For members of the Main Library Reading Clubs, please fill out the aforementioned application form at the Extension Section in person. For senior high school reading club members, please present any of the following documents during checkout: (1) Personal Library Card or Family Library Card, (2) Teacher's Certificate, Student Identification Card, or a Certificate of Service.
        C. After completing the application form, our Extension Services personnel will proceed to the obtaining of materials under the relevant provisions of library circulation. As the materials are obtained, our library Bookmobile will deliver it to the original Branch Library that received the initial application.
        D. Upon the arrival of materials, the Branch Library will inform our patron member for pickup within three days after the notice. If not picked up in time, the materials will be sent back to the Extension Services for further circulation.