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Drew up on October l8, 2001. Letter No. 284437 of the Bureau of Education of Taipei City Government for reference.




1. The Library provides printing and photocopy services on cost.

2. The Library provides A4 size papers for printing; black & white print outs are NT$2 a page and color print outs are NT$5 a page.

3. Microfilm printing of A4 size is NT$2 page and A3 size is NT$3 page.

4. The Library does not provide services for enlargement, reduction, cutting, or changing the default of the machine setting.

5. If there is any bad copy, the Library shall not receive any request for refund unless the bad copies are due to the machine malfunction.

6. The Statements shall become effective following approval by the Bureau of Education of the Taipei City Government. Amendments to these statements must be approved following the same procedure.