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Multicultural Information Center: At a Glance

  • Brief Introduction

    Public libraries carry the mission of promoting dialogues among the diverse cultures of the world, and of nurturing the extension of multiplicity among cultures. In the midst of the formation of a culturally diverse society, the Taipei Public Library especially establishes its Multicultural Information Center on the Ninth Floor at the Main Library to promote multicultural interaction and to provide multicultural information services, in the hope to accentuate the values of cultural multiplicity, to meet the reading demands of the diverse ethnic groups, and to provide our domestic and foreign friends a rich environment of resources for recreation and learning.


  • Main Mission

    1.To provide all varieties of information, activities and services on demand, so as to satisfy the recreational and informational needs of the ethnically diverse public;
    2.To provide information services as to answer queries our patrons have in mind; and
    3.To provide professional care and expert services to the multicultural general public.



Ninth Floor Plan
A Group Rooms
B Computer Lab
C Vietnamese Materials Area
D Burmese Materials Area
E Indonesian Materials Area
F Malaysian Materials Area
G Tagalog Materials Area
H Thai Materials Area
I Hindi Materials Area
J Korean Materials Area
K Chinese Materials Area