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  • Reading Area

    • General Reading Area

      The Reading Area is an elegant yet comfortable environment suitable for the sheer enjoyment of reading. You can also find foreign language materials, reference books and periodicals suitable for children and adolescents. There are 34 seats available here for readers.
    • Award-winning Books Area

      An award-winning books section has been exclusively set up in the Reading Area of our Library. You can find internationally renowned works exhibited here that have received authoritative awards in children's literature, such as:
  • Information Retrieval Area

    The Information Retrieval Area provides readers with 8 computers for online search of the collections at our Library.

  • Family Reading Area

    The Family Reading Room provides a supportive environment suitable for children to enjoy reading in the company of their parents. There are illustrated storybooks with lively, colorful pictures. We hope that parents and teachers can accompany their children to share the fun and joy of reading together.
  • Audio-visual Area

    1. The Audio-visual Area is designed for the enjoyment of the assorted audio-visual materials in our Library, including videotapes (VHS), Video CDs (VCD) and Compact Discs (CD), and more.
    2. To use the equipment here, please sign up at the counter with your Library Card or Family Library Card. Seats will be assigned at the Information. Children under six years old must be accompanied by parents or relatives to view the audio-visual materials.
    3. Please note that the audio-visual materials are used inside the Library only.
  • Multifunction Room

    The Multifunction Room is a comfortable environment for holding children’s activities. This lively room is decorated with the colorful and imaginative illustrations designed by Jimmy Liao, an award-winning illustrator.
  • Outdoor Reading Area

    The Outdoor Reading Area provides our patrons with an alternative reading atmosphere. Asides from the indoor reading area, our patrons can also choose to read library books here outside the building.

  • Exhibition Area

    In our Exhibition Area, there are lots of interesting books for children in foreign languages. These books, in various sizes and designs, are interesting and lively; some of them have puppets springing out, while others may either make funny sounds. The exhibition is not only imaginative but also fun.

  • Bookstart Family Reading Area

    The Bookstart Family Reading Area is designed to create a comfortable and safe environment for infants and toddlers between 6 months and 3 years old. They can read or play here. The Chinese books recommended by “The First Booklist of Bookstart: Your Baby Can Read ” and periodical Little Sun are available for parents. There are also reading assistance and storytelling activities for infants and toddlers.

  • Children’s Storytelling Room

    Children’s Storytelling Room is another wonderful environment for children activities. Featured by cascading steps that make the space wider and brighter, the room is decorated by various illustrations of cute bunnies. Kids may wonder if these bunnies are listening to stories too.


    A Reading Area
    C Information Retrieval Area
    D Family Reading Area
    E Audio-visual Area
    F Multifunction Room
    G Outdoor Reading Area
    H Exhibition Area
    I Bookstart Family Reading Area
    J Children’s Storytelling Room
    K office
  • Opening Hours

    Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00- 18:00
    Monday & Sunday: 9:00- 17:00
  • Lecture Hall

    Located on the second basement floor (B2) with 380 seats, offers a stage and audio equipment, is available for various types of lectures, performances and conference.