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Periodicals Room


Bound Periodicals and Journals Area

Bound Periodicals at the Periodicals Room provides newspaper in Chinese and foreign languages as well as newspapers from Hong Kong of the current month. The newspapers are sorted into newspapers of the day and newspapers of the month, and they are available from open racks. At the beginning of each month, the previous month’s issues will be bound into volumes and relocated to the Old Bound Newspapers Area on the Sixth Floor.

Current Periodicals Area

The Current Periodicals Area provides periodicals in Chinese as well as in foreign languages. They are available on open racks. The Periodicals Room also provides a list of periodicals for locating periodicals.

Bound Periodicals Area

In area keeps bound volumes of periodicals from the last ten years. Bound periodicals in Chinese and in foreign languages are collected. The bound volumes are arranged on open racks in the order of the number of strokes of the first Chinese character of the title of the periodicals. They are available for public access. For bound periodicals from 10 years ago, please contact personnel at the information desk for requesting the items.

* Please note that in order to preserve the collections, all periodicals and newspapers (including those from the Bound Newspapers Area on the 6th floor) can only be used within the library. If patrons wish to photocopy the materials, please use the photocopier located in the area. Please abide the domestic and international copyright laws.



Second Floor Plan And Directory  
A Newspapers Area
B Current Foreign Language Periodicals Area
C This Month’s Newspapers Area
D Current Chinese Language Periodicals Area (Category 0 to 2)
E Current Chinese Language Periodicals Area (Category 3 to 9)
F Bound Periodicals Area and Journals Area
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